Little Mantis Ages 4-7

Foundations for excellence!

Kids seem to be overflowing with energy! Mantis Kung Fu can help them focus that energy while connecting with their rapidly growing bodies and starting to gain control over their reactions to stress. That’s good for them, and something they’ll love at the same time! 

Starting your child off early with Mantis Kung Fu has so many benefits. It’ll help develop their balance, coordination, confidence and restraint, all essential building blocks for their impressive future selves. Help them focus their energy on being constructive!

Our shorter Little Mantis classes are constructed to match the endurance and attention span of 4-7 year olds. With games, tumbling, jumping and the gradual layering of Mantis Kung Fu skills, your Little Mantis will develop a natural sense of martial arts in the way that it has been taught for centuries in China, the ancestral homeland of Mantis Kung Fu.

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Wouldn’t my child get into more fights if s/he learns Kung Fu?

Not quite! The opposite has proven to be true. By increasing confidence and your child’s sense of self, and by addressing how to deal with aggressors, Mantis Kung Fu not only reduces fighting but also helps your child to stand up and speak out to schoolyard aggressive behavior – the greatest proven deterrent to bullying.

Shifu Amarante’s skill at communicating with young children and sharing the history and technique of Mantis Kung Fu in a fun way is one of our school’s greatest assets.

Plant the seeds today of your child’s excellence! Give them the gift of Kung Fu!

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