Tai Chi Chuan

The Ultimate Form of Self-Care

Step into the gentle flow of Tai Chi. 

With soft and low-impact movements, Tai Chi focuses on strengthening the mind, circulating the Qi or vitality, and relaxing the body so that it is free to move. 

In just a few classes, you can begin to not only harmonize the body, but also strengthen the joints, increase bone density, improve balance and cognitive functions, reduce stress, and increase strength. At Mantis Kung Fu, we teach Shyun Style Tai Chi Chuan.

If you struggle with joint pain, lack of balance or minor injuries but want to find a gentle way to exercise, this is for you. 

Tai Chi Chuan is the ultimate form of self-care. Give your body and mind a good reason to thank you.

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Curious? Shifu Nic highlights the benefits of this class!

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